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Associate Membership ($75.00 per annum)

Associate Member is one of the following: 

1) A licensed healthcare practitioner other than a naturopathic physician wishing to support the purposes, mission, vision, and goals of the RIANP

2) A naturopathic physician who has graduated from programs of naturopathic medicine recognized by the AANP and the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education but who does not hold a valid license from a state or jurisdiction whose license is acceptable to the AANP


You can apply the Supportive Membership in two ways:

1: APPLY OFFLINE or by Mail:  Click here to download the application

2: APPLY & MAKE PAYMENT ONLINE: Please follow the 4-Step application process below 

Step 1: Upload Documents

If you are an N.D., you must upload the following documents: 

  • ND diploma & results of NPLEX or  ND diploma 

  • Proof of registration at a CNME recognized school of naturopathic medicine

  • State License(s) to practice naturopathic medicine (if applicable)

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Upload File
Upload File
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